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Food cupboards run by Take A Sistah to Lunch are unique from other cupboards because we recruit, & encourage neighbors to serve each other. We strive to keep local, familiar, faces at the forefront of each food cupboard. This minimizes the perception of ‘outsiders’ and empowers individuals to invest in improving their neighborhood quality of life in a way that is meaningful to them. Each local cupboard serves an average of 75 households per Saturday. Become a Volunteer

        I’m in Take A Sistah to Lunch to get some structure in my life. I’m living for me and my kid’s life because I didn’t get that in my life when I was young.
K.H., ’06


Take a Sistah to Lunch volunteers unloading produce and other staples for the 2nd & York food cupboard, December 2014. Credit: Take a Sistah to Lunch

2nd & York streets: This Kensington area of Philadelphia has been recognized as one of the hungriest districts in the nationOur 2nd & York location is our longest operating food cupboard, thanks to the generous hospitality of the Philadelphia Fire Department, who has hosted our indoor setup of produce, canned goods and staples. For the past five years, the PFD has provided shade from the sweltering heat and warmth from the biting winds. This location serves mostly multi-generational households and a largely Spanish-speaking community, making this site a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to practice their language skills. Spanish skills are helpful–not required–to volunteer at this site.

28th & Thompson streets: Our 28th & Thompson food cupboard opened two years ago, in the Francisville/Brewerytown section of Philadelphia. While gentrification is affecting the neighborhood, this indoor location serves mostly seniors who are long-time homeowners. Passionate about their neighborhood, the neighbors at this site offer volunteers a great opportunity to learn Philadelphia history firsthand. Experience working with the senior community is helpful–not required–to volunteer at this site.

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